AIFLocal – Localization Application for Turkey

Finansal Reporting Standards Compliance and Business Control with AIFLocal

AIFLocal – Turkey Localization Application is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses in Turkey to operate in compliance with local regulations. It eases the management of your business by aligning with Turkey’s tax regulations, financial reporting standards, and other local requirements.

Tax Compliance

Provides numerous features tailored to Turkey's tax system. You can easily handle tasks such as calculating VAT, Special Consumption Tax (ÖTV), Income Tax, and automate the preparation of tax declarations.

Financial Reporting

Enables you to manage your financial data in line with Turkey's financial reporting standards. You can easily prepare financial statements according to Turkish Accounting Standards (TMS), track income and expenses, and perform cost calculations. Additionally, you can generate reports that adhere to local reporting requirements.

Compliance with Other Local Requirements

Supports your business management by complying with Turkey's other local requirements. This includes features such as electronic ledger maintenance, e-invoicing, e-archive applications, and integration with banks according to the standards of the Turkish Banks Association (TBB).

Customization and Adaptability

AIFLocal offers a customizable and adaptable structure to fit your business needs. It aligns with your existing workflows and provides tailored solutions.

Efficiency and Digital Process Transformation

AIFLocal helps you enhance efficiency by digitizing your workflows. With electronic data entry and processes, you can execute fast, secure, and error-free transactions.

Local Regulatory Compliance Checks

AIFLocal ensures compliance with local regulations by performing checks, helping you meet your legal obligations and avoiding potential penalties.

Business Continuity and Support

AIFTeam provides business continuity and technical support to AIFLocal users. You'll receive continuous support through training, consulting, and updates.


AIFLocal – Turkey Localization Application assists businesses in aligning with local requirements in Turkey. It covers tax compliance, alignment with financial reporting standards, and other local requirements.