Enhance Your Production Planning and Scheduling: Increase Efficiency with BEAS - Advanced Production Module

The BEAS – Advanced Production Module is a comprehensive solution offered by AIFTeam. This module, integrated with SAP Business One system, provides the ability to optimize and manage production processes for businesses. It enables more effective operations in areas such as production planning, inventory management, order tracking, quality control, and production efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Production Planning

The module offers the capability to plan and schedule production processes. It optimizes production capacities and organizes production plans.

Capacity Management

Allows businesses to monitor, manage, and plan production capacities. It ensures the efficient utilization of resources.

Work Order Management

This module provides the necessary tools for creating, tracking, and managing work orders. It tracks the progress of work orders, thus monitoring the production process.

Material Requirement Planning

The module analyzes material requirements and plans material procurement. It optimizes material stocks and ensures timely supply of required materials.

Team Management

Facilitates labor and resource management. It plans labor, monitors team performance, and utilizes team resources effectively.

Production Tracking

Tracks the stages of production processes and provides real-time information to businesses. It monitors production progress and manages delivery schedules.

Quality Control

This module conducts quality control during the production process. It manages quality tests and checks, detects errors, and supports compliance with quality standards.

Workforce Management

Monitors workforce performance to enhance labor efficiency. It tracks labor hours, and analyzes labor productivity to improve efficiency.

Analytical Reporting

This module offers detailed analytical reports related to production processes. It provides valuable insights on productivity, inventory levels, quality control, and cost analysis to businesses.

AIFTeam empowers businesses with the BEAS – Advanced Production Module, enhancing production processes and aiding in gaining a competitive advantage. You can choose BEAS – Advanced Production Module to increase your production efficiency and manage your operations more effectively.
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