Ensure Data Security and Reduce Paper Usage

E-Archive: AIFTeam’s Effective Digital Transformation Solution


E-Archive is an effective digital transformation solution offered by AIFTeam to its customers. By reducing paper usage and digitizing invoice and document processes, it simplifies storage. Through E-Archive, we provide our customers with significant advantages in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and legal compliance.


At AIFTeam, we offer our customers the advantages of digital transformation through the E-Archive solution. We support businesses in digitizing their invoicing and document processes, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and managing workflow compliance in accordance with legal regulations.

Key Features
Reducing Paper Usage

The E-Archive solution reduces paper usage by digitizing business invoicing and document processes, promoting an environmentally friendly approach.

Easy Document Storage

Digitally stored invoices eliminate the need for physical archiving. Easy accessibility of documents speeds up search and editing processes, enhancing efficiency.

Cost Savings

E-Archive solution decreases costs associated with paper, printing, and archiving. Digitally organizing invoices helps reduce operational expenses.

Legal Compliance

E-Archive solution ensures digital storage of invoices and documents in compliance with legal regulations in Turkey. This ensures businesses operate in accordance with legal standards.

Data Security

E-Archive solution securely stores invoice and document data, enhancing data security for businesses.

Enhanced Efficiency and Workflow Optimization

The E-Archive solution boosts efficiency by digitizing invoicing and document processes, optimizing workflows for businesses.


To learn more about our E-Archive solution and explore customized solutions for your business, feel free to contact us. We are here to support you on your digital transformation journey.
How Does AIFTeam Keep Up with Legal Regulations?
Expert Team

AIFTeam has a team of experts who monitor current legal regulations and changes, analyze them, and provide suitable solutions to clients. The team continually tracks changes in legal regulations and updates their solutions accordingly.

Partnerships and Collaborations

AIFTeam collaborates with professional organizations and consultancy firms to stay updated on legal regulations and changes. These collaborations ensure access to accurate and reliable information regarding current legal standards.

Continuous Training

AIFTeam consistently trains its employees on legal regulations, ensuring they possess up-to-date knowledge. Training sessions are organized to inform employees about changes in legal regulations.

Technological Infrastructure

AIFTeam employs technological infrastructure to facilitate the monitoring of legal regulations. Automation and knowledge management systems are used to track legal regulations and provide accurate information to clients.

Collaboration and Consultancy

AIFTeam maintains close collaboration with clients and offers consultancy services. It guides clients in adhering to legal regulations, provides appropriate solutions, and assists them in achieving legal compliance.

These steps are some of the methods AIFTeam utilizes to monitor legal regulations and provide suitable solutions to clients. AIFTeam takes necessary precautions to support clients in legal compliance and strives to stay updated.
AIFTeam ensures data security through various measures:
Data Encryption

AIFTeam employs advanced encryption technologies to ensure the security of customer data. Data is encrypted during communication and storage, protecting it from unauthorized access.

Data Center Security

AIFTeam emphasizes the physical security of data storage centers. Data centers are protected using security cameras, access controls, fire prevention measures, and other security measures.

Authorization and Access Controls

AIFTeam uses authorization and access controls to ensure that users and personnel can access only authorized information. This ensures that data is accessible only to authorized individuals.

Security Updates

AIFTeam provides regular security updates to minimize security vulnerabilities. The solution is consistently updated and audited, providing protection against new threats.

Data Backup and Recovery

AIFTeam implements regular data backup and recovery processes to prevent data loss. This ensures that data can be restored in case of data loss incidents.

Data Privacy and Contracts

AIFTeam implements privacy policies and contracts to safeguard customer data privacy. Necessary permissions are obtained for data sharing, and unauthorized sharing of data is prevented.

AIFTeam continuously updates its security measures and follows best practices. However, it’s important to note that security is an ongoing process, and users should also pay attention to security measures.