Your Ideal Solution for Successful Company Management

Financial Management
  1. Offers a comprehensive toolkit to improve margins, reduce errors, and make profitable decisions.
  2. Streamlines and automates financial transactions.
  3. Automates journal entries, customer, and vendor accounting.
  4. Manages cash flow, tracks fixed assets, controls budgets, and monitors project expenses.
Sales and Customer Management
  1. Efficiently manages the sales process and customer lifecycle.
  2. Tracks sales opportunities and manages sales activities.
  3. Creates, manages, and analyzes marketing campaigns.
  4. Centralizes and manages customer data.
  5. Facilitates service management and responds quickly to service calls.
Procurement and Inventory Control
  1. Manages the order-to-payment cycle and optimizes procurement processes.
  2. Facilitates procurement processes and manages procurement documents.
  3. Synchronizes real-time material receipts and stock levels.
  4. Manages accounts payable and optimizes supply chain relationships.
Reporting and Analysis
  1. Generates standard or customized reports from real-time data.
  2. Creates data-driven reports across the company using analytical and reporting tools.
  3. Generates timely and accurate reports with business intelligence.
  4. Presents information more effectively with dashboards and visualizations.
Industry-Specific Features

Offers comprehensive functions specific to industries such as consumer products, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and wholesale distribution.

Designed to meet businesses’ sector-specific needs.

In-Memory Platform

Boosts efficiency without complicating on-premises or cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Offers embedded analytics and high-performance functionality.

28 Languages
50 Local Versions
Multi-Currency Support
850+ Local Partners
75,000+ Happy Customers Using SAP BUSINESS ONE
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