Technology Trends That Will Transform Life and Business in 2023 and Beyond

Accenture has released its Technology Vision report, which outlines the most important technology trends that will shape the next decade. The report focuses on the rise of four key technologies, and highlights the growing connection between science and technology.

Data is becoming a fundamental differentiator that provides competitive advantage for businesses and industries. Digital identity is forming the foundation for the transition between the digital and physical worlds. The combination of these four technologies will transform the way people work and live. Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a pivotal role in shaping the future, with generative AI (such as ChatGPT) bringing about significant transformations. As technology progresses, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds will continue to blur. The Accenture report describes this phenomenon as “living in parallel in the worlds of atoms and bits as technology lays the foundation for our new reality.”

Announcements like sector-specific networks highlight how businesses are prioritizing sustainability and adapting faster to changing conditions in the technology-driven landscape.