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AIF B1 solutions provide tailored support with specially developed applications that cater to your business needs. From store management to production tracking, warehouse management to shipping logistics, these applications offer solutions in various areas, streamlining your workflows and enhancing efficiency. With AIF B1 solutions, you can manage your business more effectively, enhance your competitive edge, and take significant steps toward success. Simplify your operations and boost productivity with AIF B1 solutions, receiving support at every step of the way.

AIFRetail – Store Application
AIFRetail Solution Facilitates Management Operations

AIFRetail offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies store operations for businesses in the retail sector. With key features such as sales transaction management, inventory management, customer relationship management, extensive reporting and analysis, and multi-store management, it helps businesses enhance sales efficiency, optimize inventory management, and ensure customer satisfaction. AIFRetail provides businesses with a competitive advantage through its user-friendly interface and technical support services. As AIFTeam, we support the digital transformation of retail businesses and contribute to their growth.

AIFUvt – Production Tracking Application
Effective Production Tracking for Enterprises

AIFUvt is a comprehensive solution that effectively manages the production processes for businesses in the manufacturing sector. By offering essential features such as industrial equipment and resource tracking, job order management, real-time data monitoring, production progress tracking, production reporting and analysis, and quality control, it provides businesses with the opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure quality. AIFUvt supports the digital transformation of manufacturing businesses, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage.

AIFWms – Warehouse Management Application
Effectiveness and Efficiency in Warehouse Operations

AIFWms is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage warehouse operations effectively and efficiently. By offering features such as real-time inventory tracking, accurate inventory management, automatic data entry and routing, productivity reporting and analysis, it provides businesses with the opportunity to optimize warehouse processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. AIFWms aims to make warehouse operations more efficient by providing a user-friendly interface and technical support services, thus giving businesses a competitive advantage.

AIFCargo - Cargo Management Application
Effective Management of Cargo Processes

AIFCargo is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage shipping processes effectively and efficiently. By offering features such as real-time tracking, automatic data entry, logistics planning, and optimization, it simplifies shipping processes, ensuring fast and error-free deliveries. AIFCargo provides businesses with the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize logistics costs through its user-friendly interface and technical support services.

AIFFilo – Fleet Management Application
Optimum Control and Efficiency for Fleet Management

AIFFilo is a solution that simplifies and optimizes fleet management processes. It ensures control over the fleet through features like vehicle tracking, maintenance management, and driver performance monitoring. Real-time vehicle tracking, maintenance management reminders, driver performance analysis, and fuel savings features enhance fleet efficiency. AIFFilo provides businesses with the opportunity to optimize fleet performance by offering customized solutions through its user-friendly interface and technical support services.

AIFLogistics - Logistics Management Application
Render Effective and Efficient Logistics Processes

AIFLogistics is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage logistics processes effectively and efficiently. By facilitating tasks such as transportation planning, inventory management, and shipment tracking, it optimizes your logistics operations. Through this application, you can reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and monitor your logistics performance. Contact us now with AIFLogistics to improve your business’s logistics processes and gain a competitive advantage.

AIFLocal – Localization Application for Turkey
Enterprise Management That Complies with Local Laws

AIFLocal is a comprehensive solution that ensures businesses operate in compliance with local regulations in Turkey. With key features such as tax compliance, adherence to financial reporting standards, and alignment with other local requirements, it simplifies management processes for businesses in Turkey. Through AIFLocal, your business can confidently continue its operations by complying with Turkey’s tax regulations and financial standards while meeting local requirements. Its customizable structure and technical support services also offer solutions tailored to your business’s needs.

AIFBanks - Online Bank Integration
Manage Your Financial Freedom and Make Banking Easier!

AIFBanks offers the capability to view and manage account transactions of all banks on a single screen, while automating customer and supplier payment reconciliations with impeccable detection and matching abilities. Furthermore, through SAP B1 integration, it rapidly transfers thousands of bank transactions into the system within seconds. Benefits of this solution include preventing erroneous transactions, time savings, intelligent learning capabilities, ease of management, and continuity. For those seeking to manage bank transactions quickly, accurately, and efficiently, this solution provides significant advantages.

AIFImport – Import Tracking Application
Make Your Import Processes More Effective and Cut Down Your Costs

AIFImport assists in effectively managing import processes. By automating critical steps such as supplier management, order tracking, goods receipt processes, customs procedures, reporting, and analysis, it enhances efficiency. As AIFTeam, we facilitate businesses’ import activities with this solution and provide them with a competitive advantage. To optimize your import processes and achieve success, you can choose AIFImport.

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