AIFBanks - Online Bank Integration

Manage Your Financial Freedom, Simplify Banking!

AIFBanks is an integrated solution that allows you to easily manage your online banking transactions. Designed for businesses, this application makes your financial processes faster, more secure, and automated, resulting in time and cost savings.

Manage All Account Movements from One Screen

It enables you to view and manage account movements of all banks on a single screen. It provides real-time balances and end-of-day closing balance reports.

Seamless Identification and Matching Capability

By pulling customer and supplier information from your ERP system, it instantly matches incoming and outgoing payments according to predefined rules.

Integration with SAP BUSINESS ONE

By listening to thousands of bank transactions, it processes them into relevant modules in your SAP Business One system in seconds.

Unique Open Banking Experience

It integrates with all banks. It separates movements by account and transaction types and allows you to receive real-time reports from mobile and web applications.

Flawless Transaction Capability

It prevents incorrect entry of bank movements in the wrong amount or to the wrong company, minimizing errors.

Time Savings

By processing payments in seconds, it eliminates time losses. It reduces phone or email traffic for customer money transfers.

Smart Learning

Through its smart learning capability, it offers various options and assists in making accurate matches.

Ease of Management

Different user permission levels enable you to make customized settings for each user and provide access to different screen contents.


AIFBanks is a solution for businesses to manage their financial freedom and simplify online banking. You can quickly, securely, and automatically perform tasks such as tracking account balances, making money transfers, and monitoring payments. This allows you to make your financial processes more efficient.