AIFUvt – Production Tracking Application

Achieve Production Control with Real-Time Data Tracking

AIFUvt – Production Tracking Application is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently manage production processes for businesses in the manufacturing sector. It is tailored for businesses to track production stages, enhance productivity, and ensure quality.

Industrial Equipment and Resource Tracking

Enables tracking of industrial equipment and resources used in the production process. This allows businesses to monitor efficient equipment usage and manage resources effectively.

Work Order Management

Offers the ability to track, manage, and prioritize production work orders. Businesses can easily create, monitor, and manage work orders through the application.

Real-Time Data Tracking

Real-time monitoring of critical data such as process status, labor usage, material consumption, and production speed on the production line. This enables businesses to swiftly identify production process issues and take measures to enhance efficiency.

Production Progress Tracking

Facilitates tracking the progress of production steps and work orders. Businesses can monitor the completion status of each stage, gaining greater control over planning and tracking the production process.

Production Reporting and Analysis

Enables in-depth analysis of critical performance indicators such as production efficiency, labor costs, and raw material usage. Through these analyses, businesses can optimize production processes, reduce costs, and enhance profitability.

Quality Control

Allows quality control during the production process. It enables monitoring of quality parameters, detection of errors, and ensuring compliance with quality standards.

User-Friendly Interface

Provides a user-friendly and customizable interface for ease of use.

Technical Support

AIFTeam offers technical support to assist in promptly resolving issues.


At AIFTeam, we provide a competitive advantage to businesses in the manufacturing sector through AIFUvt – Production Tracking Application. We stand alongside businesses to monitor production processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure quality.

For more detailed information about AIFUvt – Production Tracking Application and to explore solutions tailored to your business needs, feel free to get in touch with us. We support your digital transformation in the manufacturing sector and contribute to the growth of your business.