New Horizons in Artificial Intelligence at the SAP Sapphire Event

The SAP Sapphire event made a significant impact this year with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. SAP stood out with innovations like SAP Business AI and Green Ledger, which provide solutions to urgent challenges in customers’ business processes. The event took place in Orlando and served as an opportunity for SAP to introduce comprehensive innovations and collaborations that enable customers to confidently embrace the future.

SAP announced substantial improvements to enhance its portfolio with the aim of bolstering artificial intelligence capabilities in business processes. Notable enhancements in SAP Business AI include innovations that personalize customer interactions, streamline the supply chain, and expand critical organizational capabilities.

SAP is facilitating the transition of customers’ business models to the cloud by offering integrated artificial intelligence features in its business solutions. Key announcements, such as ledger-based accounting for carbon tracking and industry-specific networks to support supply chain resilience, highlight a focus on placing sustainability at the forefront and helping businesses adapt faster to changing conditions.